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Dr. Swati Mittal is a practicing Psychiatrist and Marriage Counsellor.

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Family Mentoring

Family Mentoring


Doctor: Dr. Swati Mittal When: Mon - Sat Where: Swastik Assist Homes A-113, Block A, Sector 92 Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301.

Family Mentoring
Family Mentoring

We all are aware that all families face challenges. The gravity of these challenges may differ from family to family but this fact is existent and true. Some families that face homelessness, death of a close member, or any other severe complication should seek help from a family mentor. Maintaining healthy relationships with members of your family is crucial to your mental and physical well-being.

Strained ties with family members can affect your mental health and hinder your growth as an individual. With the help of family mentoring, families can gain long-term sustainable independence. Family mentoring is personalized as per the requirements of the family and complete confidentiality is maintained on the end of the family mentor.

Family mentoring can provide solutions to your family challenges. It can help families in gaining the right approach and tools to strengthen their families. It can help in developing the required essential skills needed to maintain a happy and healthy family.


  • How can a family mentor help your family?
  • Which families should consider family mentoring?

A family mentor can help your family in the following ways:

  • Offer emotional and mental support
  • Recognize the unique strengths of your family
  • Define action steps and set goals
  • Encourage each member to meet his/her goals
  • Develop healthy routines and handle stress
  • Problem-solving, Decision making, Home management

Family mentoring can be taken up by any family such as

  • Parents of teens
  • First-time parents.
  • Families with diverse programs
  • Nuclear families which working parents.
  • Nuclear families with single parents.

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Family Mentoring

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