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Psychological Care
At The Highest Level
Dr. Swati : Psychiatrist in Fortis Noida
Psychological Care
At The Highest Level
Dr. Swati : Psychologist in Fortis Noida
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& The Highest Standards
Dr. Swati : Psychiatrist in Noida Sector 18

Psychiatrist in Fortis Noida

Psychiatry is a study which involves treatment of various mental disorders, behavioural changes, emotional disturbances, and chain of related problems. Psychiatrist have specialized knowledge and are trained to handle and diagnose psychological disorders and mental issues. Psychiatrists have deep understanding of physical and mental health and how things affect each other. Dr. Swati is knowledgable and experienced in psychiatry. She is a specialist in managing issues related to psychology. She is the best psychiatrist in Noida sector 18. She has worked on various cases related to addiction, sress disorders, anxiety, mental illness. She's been the best child psychiatric, pre-maritial counselor, lady psychiatrist, and family mentoring. Dr. Swati Mittal Is been a psychiatrist in fortis Noida. She is serving her patients with her emmense knowledge and understanding. She is a psychologist in fortis Noida. She is knowned for her practice. She is the most reputed and good psychologist in Noida.

Our Treatments

Our Services Offered in Psychiatrist in fortis Noida

Pre-Marital Counselling
Women's Mental Health
De-Addiction Treatment
Family Mentoring
Stress Disorders
Depression Treatment
Marital Counselling
Anxiety Disorders
psychiatrist in Noida sector 18
Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Swati Mittal : Good Psychiatrist in Noida

Dr. Swati Mittal is a good psychologist in Noida. She is trained in psychiatry and psychotherapy to treat all kinds of psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, stress disorders, and more. Dr. Swati offers a full spectrum of services at Swastik Assist Homes, Sector 92, Noida. She is also the consultant psychiatrist at Fortis Healthcare, Noida.

  • Education & Training

    MBBS- Subharti Hospital and Medical College, Meerut (2009); MD (Psychiatry) MGM Institute of Health Sciences, Navi Mumbai (2015)

  • Awards & Accomplishments

    Recipient of National Award During Mental Health Week; Best Paper Presentation Award- Erectile Dysfunction (2015) and One Drug Therapy for De-Addiction (2016)

Frequently Asked Question

1.Does depression shows on MRI?

Depression can be shown on MRI using advanced technology. But only major depression can be detected through MRI.

Mental health can be affected by number of reasons, some them can be, childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect, social isolation or loneliness, experiencing discrimination and stigma.

Anxiety xan cause rapit change in the heartbeat, which may cause sudden cardiac heart arrest, damaging heart and its functions.

Stress and anxiety can be very dangerous and can cause serious problems, but it cannot make you die.

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